Connection Strategy

13 Point System for Leadership Elevation of Leader & Team:

1. Connection to Authentic Self = Connection to Wisdom and Future Possibilities

2. Diversity of Perspectives = Creative Steps Forward

3. Trust we have the Answers Amongst Us

4. Create Safe Space = Tapping Emerging Ideas and Concepts

5. Create Community Agreement

6. Listen Deeply to Self and Others

7. Allow Wisdom to Emerge

8. Use Responsible “I”

9. Speak Truth Simply

10. Assess and Clarify

11. Significant Conversations

12. Community of Connection and Creativity

13. Synergistic Flow = Meaningful and Purposeful Lives

Pain Points In Self and Team to Which the Connection Strategy Responds:

Disconnected from others = sense of isolation
Constant sense of pushing rather than a synergistic flow

Not intrinsically motivated = always needing external affirmation
Emergence of new ideas at a standstill

Rumbles below the surface

No significant conversations

Lack a sense of team and community

Disconnected from inspiration and creativity

No shared laughter

Judgment and blame running rampant

Hiding behind masks and facades and walls

No shared sense of responsibility

Overwhelmed by all the external demands

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