Consultant & Facilitator of Significant Conversations

An example of one Visioning Process rooted in a series of Significant Conversations:

To provide opportunities for the community/organization to engage in Significant Conversations for the purpose of discerning future possibilities in order to be responsive to the deep longing we all have to live lives that are creative, meaningful and have a positive impact in the world. (Note: the purpose and the goals are developed to fit each community based on their focus).

The 4-Step Visioning Process (Listening Circles, Conversation Circle, Discernment Circle, and Consensus Circle) develops a renewed sense of purpose and generates excitement about future possibilities for the community/organization.

The processes create a culture that is safe and respectful for people to share their wisdom and creativity, to enhance the vision that longs to emerge.

The insights and ideas gathered through the input of many people provide direction to identify next steps.

The processes result in people being committed to and enthusiastic about the identified vision and the emerging steps forward because they are rooted in their combined creativity and wisdom.

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