Authentic Connection Culture

Three Keys to Authentic Connection with Self

CONNECT to the energy of love and authenticity at your core.

DISCONNECT from the drama, small-ego self and expectations that drain you.

RECONNECT to the wisdom, light and gifts in you and in those you encounter.

Unlock greater capacity for peace and possibilities in you and in the world!

Three Keys to Authentic Connection within Community

CONNECT to authentic power and intrinsic motivation.

DISCONNECT from the distractions of drama, small-ego self and the voices of judgment, fear and cynicism.

RECONNECT to the gifts and inner wisdom in you and in those you encounter.

Unlock a renewed culture of fulfilled people and a healthier, creative environment!

Support for Developing Authentic Connection Culture

Facilitator & Consultant

Consulting and Facilitating of Significant Conversations including the Four Step Visioning Process

The Mended Mirror- Author & Speaker

To invite and motivate people into the transformational shift of connecting authentically to plug into the inner power of creativity, wisdom, wholeness and resilience as described in her book The Mended Mirror

Coaching & Team Building

Based on Authentic Connection Culture Principles and Strategies


Develop the skills to create and facilitate Authentic Connection Culture and live an Authentic Life.

Retreat Leader

To deepen the experience of authentic connection to self, others and wisdom to create space for the powerful gift of Authentic Connection Culture.

Karen Hilfman Millson is Facilitator of Significant Conversations, Consultant, Speaker, and Authentic Connection Culture Coach

Her Four Step Visioning Strategy provides teams, congregations and businesses the opportunity to tap into the creative wisdom of the people of their organization. The process is designed to bypass limiting or territorial perspectives that can be barriers to seeing what is possible. The intention is to find the best way forward together. New ideas and strategies emerge that provide the basis for a strong sense of purpose and engagement. Steps forward are developed for the first year with ongoing goals identified to provide clarity about possibilities to test and explore in the future. The goal is to collaborate on a vision that is vibrant, dynamic and purposeful that will be supported by intrinsic motivation, excitement and commitment within your community and team.

Her 13 point “Connection Strategy” helps leaders and teams to reconnect to their core power, wisdom, creativity and purpose. Karen weaves together her 30 years of experience and training with her passion to de-clutter inner-landscapes from the boulders that trip us up and the baggage that weighs us down that keep us from plugging into the wonder of our awesome authentic self. Through coaching, facilitation, as a speaker Karen helps create space within self and community for the re-emergence of wholeness, well-being, creative gifts and a commitment to work together to create the best possible outcomes.

As an author, a speaker, a coach, a team builder, a facilitator of significant conversations or as a leader of workshops and retreats Karen’s leadership is rooted in the awareness that connecting to our true essence, to our authentic self, connects us to a creative power that is transformative to our relationships, our inner motivation, our ability to see goodness and possibilities, and awakening the wisdom within us and amongst us that is too often silenced.

Authentic Connection Culture: Reawakening of Ancient and Alternative Wisdom

Authentic Connection Culture derives from an intentional way of being in which we:

  • listen deeply
  • connect to Wisdom within us and amongst us
  • honour our own and each other’s gifts
  • share laughter and tears, joys and struggles comfortably
  • create a safe space where we can be brave and speak from our heart, mind, experience and soul
  • commit to action for ongoing transformation as we respond to our life purpose and call
  • encourage, support and be accountable to one another as we seek to live a vision of wholeness
  • honour creativity and discover clarity emerging in our midst
  • deal honestly and kindly with issues before they fester
  • follow the flow of energy to align ourselves with pathways that honour who we are and how the Spirit calls us to be

This shift in culture away from being consumers and individualistic emerges as we connect to our core wisdom and creativity at the centre of our authentic self which compels us to develop healthy life-giving community.

Testimonials of Karen’s Leadership

Words or phrases describing the impact on my life of this small group: connection, vulnerability, deep sharing, acceptance, valuing of my individuality. Impact of the Authentic Connection Culture beyond the small group: a deepening sense of God at work in continuing Spirit sightings and an awareness of the vigilance necessary if I am not to miss a Spirit sighting.


This course is absolutely essential to anyone who is stuck in blame and/or judgment. The tools I took away from this course are having an impact in my daily life. The clutter that was in my brain is gone! I feel so free… from blaming others, from having judgments on myself or on others. I am relaxed within myself for the first time! The course allowed me to learn new tools and to practice them in group, then to go out and work with them in the real world knowing how successful they would be.


I believe that speaking the truth simply has helped me reclaim my personal power and released me from blaming others for my unhappiness. Practicing this tool takes courage, commitment and self-discipline but the payback is freedom, confidence and contentment.


Your passion and rootedness is a gift; that you continue to guide and teach and open us is a great blessing. Blessings, Karen, as you carry us forward with you.


Authentic Connection Culture has significantly deepened my sense and experience of spirituality; healing miracles occur in circle where otherwise may not have (which I have seen); circles have brought me a much deepened awareness of others in a group; I’ve learned how to create a covenant and why that’s so vital to a group; I’ve learned concepts that I choose to take out into other community groups or even family gatherings; I’ve learned through circles why it’s important to take care of your own needs; I’ve learned to be more open to Spirit more frequently…to be aware of what we call “Spirit Sightings”. This could be a feeling with a friend, the look of a leaf, the snow or simply just a different way of looking at things; I’ve learned to be much more grateful.


I have so many more tools at my finger tips to help my congregation be healthy... For me personally, being a part of small group culture (which I now call Authentic Connection Culture) has helped me be aware of God sightings during my day. It has helped me live from a place of freedom rather than from fear, trusting that I am in the exact place and time that I need to be and that what I need will come in the right moment. I find I do not need to be defensive or react to conflict with fear. It has helped me listen for God in my life and trust God in others more. Having been part of creating a covenant now about 10 times, I find that each one is fresh and that my way of being together with the group rubs off in my way of being in my everyday life.


It was interesting to learn about a process by being part of the process. We were a small intentional group that evidenced the power of this approach. We did not miss a session and we were committed to each other’s wellbeing and yet I also found that I personally grew enormously in just a few weeks. It was exciting to learn that things that I had sought to practice intuitively could be identified as deliberate technical skills to better facilitate groups of any kind.


Karen’s work on our committee has been outstanding. A well-known and highly regarded civic leader, she brought to our work her keen intelligence, her passion for the diverse communities within the City, her depth of experience with large scale community collaborations and a strong commitment to social justice. Karen enabled our diverse group of politicians, elders, business people, educators, and community members to see the initiative as much more than we had first seen it. Through the work of the committee, I became aware of her interest in Authentic Connection Culture and circle coaching, and in our meetings I have seen and been quite impressed by her skills as a collaborator, coach, and facilitator. She is genuinely committed to “an intentional way of being.” In her work with us I have seen her practice what she preaches. She does indeed “listen deeply, connect to Wisdom within us and amongst us; honour our own and each other’s gifts; share laughter and tears, joys and struggles comfortably; commit to action to move toward ongoing transformation as we respond to our life purpose and call; encourage, support and be accountable to one another as we seek to live a vision of wholeness.” In our group, she has been the one who has been best able to create the bridges that have allowed powerful conversations to emerge among participants of widely varying backgrounds.


I continue to be reminded of those both within our church communities and outside of our church communities who are longing for authentic connections. In much of my pastoral work I come across many folks who are attempting to compensate for a lack of these authentic connections with external “fillers” such as alcohol, shopping, video games, eating and the like. We are beings that hunger for connection. We are beings that need to be opened to connecting authentically with ourselves. If we are unable to connect with ourselves in an authentic way, to genuinely be who we were created to be, to live in such a way as to let our Christ light shine, then we will fail to connect with others in a manner that is life-giving. It is my sense that this Authentic Connection Culture is as profoundly radical a message as the Gospel of Christ and the Kingdom of God and is potentially equally as liberating and life-giving.