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Based on Authentic Connection Culture Principles and Strategies

Pain Points Authentic Connection Culture Can Alleviate

✗  People are disconnected from others = sense of isolation
✗  Constant sense of pushing rather than a synergistic flow
✗  Not intrinsically motivated, always needing external affirmation
✗  Emergence of new ideas at a standstill
✗  Rumbles below the surface
✗  No significant conversations
✗  Lack of a sense of community or being a team

✗  Disconnected from inspiration and creativity
✗  No shared laughter but lots of feelings of entitlement
✗  Judgment and blame running rampant
✗  Hiding behind masks, façades and walls
✗  No sense of shared responsibility
✗  Overwhelmed by external demands

13-Point System to Create a Culture of Connection

The pillars to create a renewed culture are:

  • Connection to authentic self = connection to wisdom and future possibilities
  • Trust we have the answers amongst us = developing deep listening
  • Create safe space where people can be brave = tapping emerging ideas and concepts
  • Celebrating a diversity of perspectives = creative steps forward

The practices to develop a renewed culture are:

  • Develop a community agreement to create a safe environment where people can be brave and bold.
  • Listen deeply and with curiosity to self and others.
  • Allow wisdom to emerge from deep within.
  • Use responsible “I” to share your story and perspective.
  • Speak truth simply and responsibly to deal with issues.
  • Choose an idea to develop (prototype ideas), then assess, clarify and either correct it or move to prototyping another idea to create an environment where it is safe to fail.

The productivity resulting from following the practices and developing the pillars are:

  • Significant conversations where future possibilities emerge
  • Community of connection and creativity
  • Synergistic flow = meaningful and purposeful lives

Three Keys to Authentic Connection Within Community

CONNECT to authentic power and intrinsic motivation.

DISCONNECT from the distractions of drama, small-ego self
and the voices of judgment, fear and cynicism.

RECONNECT to the gifts and inner wisdom
in you and in those you encounter.

Unlock a renewed culture of fulfilled people and a healthier, creative environment!

9 Steps to the Shift from Toxic Relationships to Authentic Connection Culture

1. Connect to the core authentic essence in you and others.

2. Recognize, celebrate and encourage the gifts in you and others.

3. Honour what wants to emerge by getting small-ego self out of the way.

4. Trust inner wisdom and listen to intuitive gut responses.

5. Let kindness and honesty lead you.

6. Follow the flow of energy.

7. Awaken to the perspective of possibilities, wholeness and the well-being of all.

8. Allow space for inspiration.

9. Live your purpose and collaborate with others to co-create the world as an amazing community.


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