Reacting versus Responding

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Reacting vs. Responding

Learning to Respond from our True Essence/Authentic Self

By Karen Celeste Hilfman

From The Mended Mirror


REACTING            vs.          RESPONDING
Based on Middle Circle

of External Expectations

Based on Centre Circle

of Authentic Self

Life reflex, not conscious Conscious, aware of choices
Automatic Grounded, genuine
Objective “you” statements that come from the head and disconnect us from our own story by speaking from a detached perspective Connected “I/we” statements that come from head and heart and connect to our own story by speaking from a personal perspective
I know I can fix you I honour the wisdom in you
A sense of entitlement that lacks ownership and blames Takes responsibility for self and focuses on the well-being of all
Difficult to disengage from demands and worries Easy flow of energy toward possibilities and passions