How to be Spiritually Healthy in Order to Reflect Love and Wholeness

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How to Be Spiritually Healthy

in Order to Reflect Love and Wholeness

By Karen Celeste Hilfman

From The Mended Mirror


  1. Celebrate the awareness that we are born in blessing, and ensure that the foundational stories we lift up carry the message of love.
  2. Recognize the gift of the blessed unrest that is happening in the world through grassroots movements as a sign of the new way that is emerging.
  3. Be aware that we are capable of conscious evolution, and so we are key players in deciding the direction in this time of great turning and change.
  4. Incorporate the gift of integral spirituality that gathers together the wisdom of the ages by combining the insights of the sciences with best practices for the spiritual journey.
  5. Connect to the perspective that God or the Divine is both within and beyond all of life, which encourages us to see goodness and choose the way of love.
  6. Know that compassion is at the root of all world religions, confirming that it is an innate human capacity.
  7. Be open to the emergence of creativity, wisdom and new ways of seeing life that are part of the significant evolution we are currently experiencing.
  8. Accept that we are deeply and profoundly connected.
  9. Integrate the awareness that it is our task to move more fully toward living from the Divine love within us.
  10. Awaken to the Christ Consciousness within, to the universal consciousness of love.
  11. Recognize that love is a choice and that when we are in fear we are disconnected from love.
  12. Connect to opportunities for collaboration to create a world focused on everyone’s well-being.
  13. Create safe space to practice healthy community where we can risk being vulnerable, brave and creative so that we allow the world to be filled with possibilities and wisdom.