Creating Space for Wholeness – Session 8

Creating Space For Wholeness

13 Sessions To Reflect On The Journey Home To Who We Are Meant To Be

Facilitated By Karen Hilfman Author of The Mended Mirror


Session #8 of 13


A Time Of Reflection


  • As you read the quote and story below and consider a step in The Connection Strategy, notice what you notice as you read. Does a word, phrase or concept tug at your attention?
  • Does a quote or insight emerge for you in this time of reflecting as together we listen for and commit to choosing pathways that lead to life and love and light rather than death and hatred, that lead us home to who we are meant to be?
  • What insights rise up from your experience as we hold space to focus on and empower a vision of wholeness and well-being? What are the lessons we need to be learning? What are the shifts we are embracing or need to embrace?
  • What wisdom and creativity is emerging for you? What stories and situations fill you with hope? Are there quotes or stories or experiences that you would add to deepen these reflections?


Connection Strategy For Self And Community: From Disconnected To Connected

13 Steps to Connect to the Power of Transformation, Meaning, Purpose and the Authenticity Within Each of Us to Enhance Our Life Together in Community


Step # 8          Reclaim power and purpose. Disconnect from wandering through life feeling powerless.



Three Keys To Authentic Connection With Self


Connect to the energy of love and authenticity at your core.

Disconnect from the drama, small-ego self

and expectations that drain you.

Reconnect to the wisdom, light and gifts

in you and in those you encounter.


Unlock greater capacity for peace and possibilities

in you and in the world!


Three Keys To Authentic Connection Within Community


Connect to authentic power and intrinsic motivation.

Disconnect from the distractions of drama, small-ego self

and the voices of judgment, fear and cynicism.

Reconnect to the gifts and inner wisdom

in you and in those you encounter.


Unlock a renewed culture of fulfilled people

and a healthier, creative environment!


Page 268 The Mended Mirror by Karen Hilfman Millson




I begin to recognize that some of my greatest assets reside in that part of me that I was hiding behind the ‘golden girl façade.’ It would have been a loss if I had left those gifts stranded in the depths of who I am to wither away through lack of use. I shift from thinking of that part of me as my ‘dirty, grungy self’ to describing it as the ‘creative, critical’ part of who I am. The ‘creative, critical’ part of me, combined with the ‘golden girl’ part of me, is a much better reflection of who I am. Integrating both parts is an important step on my journey to living from a place of wholeness.


Page 142 The Mended Mirror by Karen Hilfman Millson


Sharing Your Reflections


To add your thoughts to this conversation post them on the Course page under each session of Creating Space for Wholeness on or or on Facebook.  Or simply be intentional about holding prayerful space knowing we connect heart to heart across the miles and time, and that together we are empowering and strengthening the things to which we give our attention.

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