Creating Space for Wholeness – Session 3

Creating Space For Wholeness

13 Sessions To Reflect On The Journey Home To Who We Are Meant To Be

Facilitated By Karen Hilfman Author of The Mended Mirror


Session #3 of 13


A Time Of Reflection


  • As you read the quote and story below and consider a step in The Connection Strategy, notice what you notice as you read. Does a word, phrase or concept tug at your attention?
  • Does a quote or insight emerge for you in this time of reflecting as together we listen for and commit to choosing pathways that lead to life and love and light rather than death and hatred, that lead us home to who we are meant to be?
  • What insights rise up from your experience as we hold space to focus on and empower a vision of wholeness and well-being? What are the lessons we need to be learning? What are the shifts we are embracing or need to embrace?
  • What wisdom and creativity is emerging for you? What stories and situations fill you with hope? Are there quotes or stories or experiences that you would add to deepen these reflections?


Connection Strategy For Self And Community: From Disconnected To Connected

13 Steps to Connect to the Power of Transformation, Meaning, Purpose and the Authenticity Within Each of Us to Enhance Our Life Together in Community


Step #3   Release, lament and claim the insights. Disconnect from being a victim to old wounds.




One of my hopes for our world is that we awaken more fully to the transformational power of love, a power that longs to engage our passions, teaches us to celebrate diversity, and compels us to risk imagining a way of being together that leads to wholeness. Awakening to this power within equips us to co-create a world committed to the well-being of all. For me this story of connecting to wholeness even in the midst of brokenness, of experiencing resilience even when life shows up with difficulties, deepens our hope as we work together to mend the world.


Page 16 The Mended Mirror by Karen Hilfman Millson





As I prepare to go to be with Mom, my friend, who is also the church administrator, asks me if I will take this time to write my book.

I am surprised. “My book? I didn’t know I have a book to write.”

Three others hear the suggestion and agree it is time.

When I arrive in Florida Janis drives me the three hours from the airport to where Mom is staying. On the way I tell her about this encouragement to write my book. She agrees.

I’m puzzled about the focus of this book which people are clear I am to write. Janis encourages me to write about what I have learned through my life and my work that holds the potential of being of interest to other ministers. I decide I will buy a notebook, put pen to paper and see what emerges….

Each day I go and sit by the ocean. I have two chairs, one to sit on and one for my feet, plus an umbrella, a small cooler that acts as a table, a large selection of food and two empty notebooks with pens.

The first story I write is about the experience in the meadow when I am three years old when I see light coming from within everything and everyone.

The stories and poetry I write on the beach and for months after, reflect a peak time when my insights about creating healthy community, encouraging people’s gifts, and guiding people to see the seeds of wisdom they carry within them, burst open like blossoms, filling the garden of my life with beauty, colour and diversity.

I realize that what I am writing is a handbook of stories and poetry that provides practical insights, attitudes and approaches to creating life-giving community and how to be open to the transformative energies that are so desperately needed in our world. This is my favourite poem:


The Poetry of the Cosmos

sings deep in our soul


listen … listen …

it is waiting to be heard …

awakened in stillness

carried on the breeze in the trees

heard in the songs of the birds

and in the sound of laughter shared


The Poetry of the Cosmos

twirls in our midst

calling us to life and laughter and play

inviting us into a dance of joy

beyond the ego borders

that limit and sever connection

by the power of fear


The Poetry of the Cosmos

beckons us to trust and delight

in this world of awe-filling experiences

that continuously present themselves

if we are open to see


The Poetry of the Cosmos

connects to the song of our hearts

and weaves together the passions of our souls

to create a tapestry filled with boldness

of colours and textures, shapes and intricacies

that are beyond the limitations

we place on our imaginings


The Poetry of the Cosmos

is all around us and deep within us


listen … listen …

and let it lead us in a joyful dance

into life filled with the abundance of

resources shared

creation honoured

each one known to be loved

and wholeness lived


The Poetry of the Cosmos

is amongst us

standing on the tiptoe of anticipation

for the moment of our awakening.


Page 268 The Mended Mirror by Karen Hilfman Millson




Sharing Your Reflections


To add your thoughts to this conversation post them on the Course page under each session of Creating Space for Wholeness on or or on Facebook.  Or simply be intentional about holding prayerful space knowing we connect heart to heart across the miles and time, and that together we are empowering and strengthening the things to which we give our attention.

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