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By Karen Celeste Hilfman From The Mended Mirror

WHEN WE CONNECT TO OUR TRUE ESSENCE, TO OUR AUTHENTIC SELF, we connect to a reservoir of power deep within us that isfilled with love and creativity. One way to describe the spiritual journey is to recognize it as a time of intentionally reconnecting to the core of love within us rather than building our lives on external expectations, external to who we are as beings of love. Reconnecting to our core wisdom is critical in our world today if we are too develop a world that reflects the vision of the Kindom of God on earth where the power that reigns is love.

* Connecting to our Authentic Self

WHEN WE RISK CONNECTING TO ONE ANOTHER IN A DEEPLY AUTHENTIC WAY, we see life differently; no longer are we bound by small-ego thinking that is rooted in limitations, entitlement and the compulsion to protect our territory, rather we see creative possibilities, abundance and incredible goodness. We see life through the eyes of love, developing our capacity to see gifts, strengths and to identify pathways that lead to wholeness.

* Connecting Authentic Self to Authentic Self

WHEN WE CONNECT AT AN AUTHENTIC LEVEL AS A COMMUNITY by creating a culture where everyone is respected and belongs, the wisdom within us and amongst us has the opportunity to emerge, awakening us to future possibilities of collaborating for the sake of the well-being of all.

* A Circle of Connection

(Holding Space for Meaningful Conversation)

RISKING SHARING THE ESSENCE OF WHO WE ARE responds to our profound longing for community, creativity, meaning and a sense of belonging. Intentionally developing a culture of authentic connection creates the potential for healthy, life-giving community where radical hospitality and authentic welcome is a core value that is evident to anyone who enters.

THE PRACTICES AND PRINCIPLES OF INTENTIONAL CIRCLES is one way to experience Authentic Connection Culture. In an Intentional Circle we experience and practice the culture of authentic connection so that it becomes an integrated way of being in community. By experiencing what authentic connection culture feels like we develop the capacity to notice when it is absent.