Keys to Authentic Connection

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Keys To Authentic Connection

By Karen Celeste Hilfman

From The Mended Mirror

Three Keys To Authentic Connection With Self

CONNECT to the energy of love and authenticity at your core.

DISCONNECT from the drama, small-ego self and expectations that drain you.

RECONNECT to the wisdom, light and gifts in you and in those you encounter.

 Unlock greater capacity for peace and possibilities in you and in the world!


Three Keys To Authentic Connection Within Community

 CONNECT to authentic power and intrinsic motivation.

DISCONNECT from the distractions of drama, small-ego self

and the voices of judgment, fear and cynicism.

RECONNECT to the gifts and inner wisdom

in you and in those you encounter.

 Unlock a renewed culture of fulfilled people

and a healthier, creative environment!





9 Steps To The Shift From Toxic Relationships

to Authentic Connection Culture:


  1. Connect to the core authentic essence in you and others.
  2. Recognize, celebrate and encourage the gifts in you and others.
  3. Honour what wants to emerge by getting small-ego self out of the way.
  4. Trust inner wisdom and listen to intuitive gut responses.
  5. Let kindness and honesty lead you.
  6. Follow the flow of energy.
  7. Awaken to the perspective of possibilities, wholeness and the well-being of all.
  8. Allow space for divine inspiration.
  9. Live your purpose and collaborate with others to co-create the world as an amazing community.