Authentic Connection Culture Practices

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Authentic Connection Culture Practices

By Karen Celeste Hilfman



Authentic Connection Culture emerges from an intentional way of being which includes the following practices:

  • listen deeply;
  • connect to Wisdom within us and amongst us;
  • honour our own and each other’s gifts;
  • share laughter and tears, joys and struggles comfortably;
  • create a safe space where we can be brave and speak from our heart, mind, experience and soul;
  • commit to action for ongoing transformation as we respond to our life purpose and call;
  • encourage, support and be accountable to one another as we seek to live a vision of wholeness;
  • honour creativity and discover clarity emerging in our midst;
  • deal honestly and kindly with issues before they fester;
  • follow the flow of energy to align ourselves with pathways that honour who we are and how the Spirit calls us to be.

 This shift in culture away from
being consumers and individualistic emerges
as we connect to our core wisdom and creativity
at the centre of our authentic self
which compels us to develop healthy life-giving community.